KINESIOLOGY Journal is published in electronic form every six months by the Division of Biology of Exercise of the Deparment of Physical Education and Sport Science of the University of Athens .

The Editorial Board of KINESIOLOGY considers for publication original research papers in the field of Biology of Exercise. The areas covered in the Journal are: Ergophysiology, Ergometry, Biomechanics of Exercise, Biochemistry of Exercise, Human Kinetic Behavior, Sport Medicine, Sport Physiotherapy, Sport Psychology and Sport Coaching. It is up to the Editorial Board to decide whether papers related with human movement, but not distinctly within the above mentioned fields, can be considered for publication.

The Journal also includes reviews of the bibliography of a scientific field and analysis of exceptional cases in the above mentioned fields. It also icludes an anthology of original ivestigations and a book review section.

In accordance with the principles of international organizations, the Editorial Board can refuse to review articles that violate the rights of subjects, whether humans or animals. All papers submitted for publication should not have been published in the past or submitted for publication in any other Journal, Greek or foreign. The copyright of published papers belongs to KINESIOLOGY.

The responsibility for the Journal's publication, website and day-to-day activities lie solely with the Editor-in-chief and the Editorial Board.